Out but not yet about

In the hospital I had neither the means nor the energy to get pictures from my little Canon point & shoot to the blog. But I’m home now, so I just put up a small set of shots I took there over the last week. The ones with my face show a happier guy than I was most of the time there.

It’s great to be out. I’m still anemic, jiggling with fluids and amazed at how much my muscles hurt in wierd ways just from climbing stairs. But I’m on the mend and looking forward to getting back to Real Work gradually (I need lots of rest), and to talking and writing about stuff other than sickness.

Meanwhile, thanks to everybody who wished and prayed me well. It worked. Now let’s keep doing the same for our buddy Maarten. Somewhere I have pix of my conversation via Skype with Maarten and Lori this morning, which I’ll add to the photoset.


  1. Darren’s avatar

    Glad to hear that you’re out of that particular set of woods.

  2. Tom Lewis’s avatar

    Glad to see that you are feeling good enough to smile and that you are home.

  3. Chip’s avatar

    Amen to all the Glad’s

    For a lighter note : watched “Disturbia” last night (well, was reading/etc while Shirley watched)
    Anyway, this AM she asked about the “bad guy”

    David Morse

    I’d recalled him from St.Elsewhere (aka Mass General I think)
    Odd that he seems to be a Doctor or a serial killer …
    Glad you are out of “danger”

    Get better, with upcoming birthday, plan on another 30+ productive years.

  4. susan crawford’s avatar

    glad you are out, confident you’ll be about soon.

  5. Pauly’s avatar

    I’d be smiling too Doc. I’m so glad to see you’re past this challenge.

  6. Mark Turner’s avatar

    Great to hear you’re out, Doc. Keep smiling!


  7. RB’s avatar

    so glad to see that the “Free the Doc 1” campaign finally paid off!

  8. Brian Benz’s avatar

    Congratulations! Here’s hoping for a full recovery.

  9. jan’s avatar

    Noone has said how good you look in the picture.
    Whew! You’re hot.
    ….bet you feel better now.

  10. Doc Searls’s avatar

    Hot? I hope you mean thermally.

    I’ve since been reducing that spare tire by about 6 gallons.

  11. Dave Winer’s avatar

    Are you going for short walks in the neighborhood?

    How about getting an air conditioner? (I remember you writing how hot the house was a few weeks ago.)

    If you’re looking for something to pass the time, TCM is a great cable channel. In my month of convalescence in 2002 they were having Joan Crawford Month, so I watched literally every movie she made. She made some good ones (and some really bad ones, but even they were good).

    I’d highly recommend a series like The Wire — if you haven’t seen it. It’s got 5 seasons, and it’s wonderful drama.

    If you want some company let me know, always looking for an excuse to come to Boston. 🙂

  12. Michael O'Connor Clarke’s avatar

    Nice frock. Does it come in green?

  13. Doc Searls’s avatar

    Thanks, Dave.

    No AC yet, but if we’re lucky the guy will come install the window units tomorrow. (The house wiring can only handle the two that were taken out by the landlady last Fall. They’re in a closet and she only wants her guy to install them. It’s a coordination issue, but we may have it licked now. Hope so.)

    Had my first morning walk today. Took it slow, but it went well. The problem is that my muscles are still saturated with water. It’s a wierd feeling.

    If all goes well, all three of us will fly to SB this Friday and I’ll be in a much better house for relaxing than this one. For a week or so, anyway, then I’ll come back here until August.

    I wish I were a better TV watcher. What I found in the hospital was that my interest in music far exceeded my interest in movies or shows. I literally re-discovered a forgotten part of my life.

    That said, I really do want to check out The Wire.

    And it’d be cool to give you an excuse to come to Boston, or SB. Let’s see what we can do.

  14. Dave Winer’s avatar

    Your Reagan 2.0 piece is in the NewsJunk flow this morning. That means you should be getting hits from a large number of different places, Google Reader, Twitter, FriendFeed, NewsJunk itself, and god knows where else. Just wanted to alert you, it’s an interesting story to see how RSS stufff flows around these days.

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