Ones for the road

I’m not a car nut — I could never afford to be, lacking both the money and the time — but I do enjoy and appreciate them as works of arts, science, culture and plain necessity. So, about a month ago the kid and I joined Britt Blaser at the Concours d’Elegance in Newport Harbor, looking at an amazing collection of antique cars and motorcycles, all restored or preserved to a level of perfection you hardly find in new cars off the production line.

We also got to hang with new friends from Iconic Motors, who are making a very hot little sports car designed and made entirely in the U.S., mostly by small manufacturers of obsessively perfected goods. Took a lot of pictures of both, which you’ll find by following the links under the photos.

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  1. Chip’s avatar

    Hey Doc
    Too damn busy here, but caught Pogue on CNBC and here is NYTimes piece
    Auto-Geotagging your photos

    Cars are cool, but motorcycles are better
    Attended “legend” this year
    Friend was a judge, and I was in area

    Different crowd
    Few posers amongst bike folk, posers who ride don’t ride long
    Mistakes on bikes are more costly than in cars


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