Home again

It’s great to be back at our house in Santa Barbara, with our pool and a climate that is almost criminally nice … cool, dry and breezy while most of the rest of the country swelters.

Spent a bunch of time yesterday in Cambridge trying to find a portable 250 Gb hard drive so I could take most of my photo achive west with me to work on here, where I have a comfortable desk and chair and a nice big screen.

After spending much of yesterday evening pulling all the archives together, and putting them all on this nice little new drive, I forgot it. Not the worst bummer, but still a downer.


  1. Halley Suitt’s avatar

    Glad to hear your home, safe and sound, getting better.

  2. Mike Warot’s avatar

    I recently lost an 8Gb thumb drive because it fell out of my pocket somewhere. I didn’t have anything critical on it, but it strikes me as very odd that I can lose something with 200 times the capacity of the first drive I had (40Mb) and it’s no big deal.
    I’ve got one of the spiffy new 320GB drives, and for the first time in years, I’ve got a place to put all of my photos in one drive. Cool stuff, this computer fad… one wonders how many years it’s got left. 😉

  3. Lee Bryant’s avatar

    So glad you are out of hospital Doc. I can’t tell you how influential you are, and we missed you at Reboot. Take it easy.

  4. Mary Lu’s avatar

    I’m so darn glad to hear you’re Home! No doubt the new house missed you! I hope the lovely and talented Mrs S. makes you stay home and get some rest for a while. Should she need help– I’ll be happy to drive up, and help her enforce that concept, while Doug would he happy to show you the new car.

    Doug wants me to tell you he passed his Amateur Extra Test for HAM radio. I’ll tell you he passed it with a 100%.

    I’m heading up to Frenso on Monday to Judge skating… more in an email by the middle of the week!

  5. Doc Searls’s avatar

    Mary Lu,

    Congrats to Doug from a guy who flunked his code test 3 times in a row — the last two times by missing a space — when last he tried to get his General license in, um, 1961 or so.

    Love to see you. Let’s shoot for the next stretch of time: August. We’ll be here most of the month.

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