Fire from the Mission

Click on the above to dig one of the best photosets I’ve shot in a while. I was driving to a Radio Shack to pick up a volt-ohm meter, so we could monitor the browning out of electrical service, when I saw the sun setting through the smoke from the fire, and knew instantly that I could get a good angle on that through the Mission in silhouette. So I turned the corner, and sure enough. Got it.

Any blogger or news service that wants to use any of those shots should feel free to grab any of them. Give me photo credit if you like, but it’s not necessary. Just here to help.

(tag: sbgapfire. Hashtag: #sbgapfire)


  1. Jake’s avatar

    Thanks for the updates…. awesome picture!

  2. Philadelphia Mike’s avatar

    Wonderful photo. Love the colors.

  3. Leslie Poston’s avatar

    As a former 12 year Santa Barbara resident, this just makes me so sad.

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