July 4 workfire

Here is a Fox News video* that tours the Gap Fire area from the air. It’s clearly submitted by an amateur using a helicopter, judging from the monolog, flavored with casual explitives. To those (like me) familiar with the landscape, the video does an excellent job of showing how “perimeter” is a mileading notion. The fire is in many places at once. Wish that Fox or the shooter gave us a time/date for the footage. (Maybe they do and I miss it.) Seems to be from yesterday morning.

A lot of commenters on Edhat take exception to Santa Barbara’s decision to go ahead with the city’s fireworks on the waterfront. I don’t. It looks right now like the fire’s moving away from the city, which means plenty of work for firefighters keeping the rest of us safe to enjoy the holiday. Huge kudos to them for some of the hardest and most dangerous work that humans can do.

* I lost the direct link. The link to the video was in a narrow banner atop this story on Fox News, which I found via an Edhat comment. The banner is gone, and I can’t find anything through searches on the Fox site. I can still see the video, which comes up in a separate window, but copying the URL doesn’t seem to work. The URL I see is not what copies. Instead it’s the story that no longer has the banner with the link in it. (I hate this too-clever video crap on sites like this. Not to mention the lame search as well.) If anybody else has luck, let us know in the comments below. It really is an interesting video.


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    The Fox News story is “Man Is Electrocuted After Urinating on a PlayStation 2” – perhaps that’s how the Gap Fire started? πŸ˜‰ BTW – a good trick that often works for getting the URL of a page is (in Firefox) Right-click/View Page Info. Even that might not work if they’ve done enough weird stuff in JavaScript, though πŸ™

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    Not to diminish the importance of this story, but you have to love where the original link is going to now:

    Man Is Electrocuted After Urinating on a PlayStation 2
    Tuesday, May 15, 2007
    By E.D. Hill

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    Try this link; on the right side is a link called “Raw video Gap Fire on July 4

    This website has provided the best info of the traditional media; also really appreciate Ray Ford’s work for the Independent.


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    I know. In fact, that’s the link on the video itself. Go figure. Only on Fox.

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