Can the Net itself be a frame?

That’s the question I get around to visiting near the end of Saving the Net III: Understanding its Frames, over in Linux Journal. It’s the long and unpacked version of Framing the Net, which ran recently at

It’s the third in what’s now a series. Here’s the first and here’s the second. The second one got a lot of buzz going when it ran. This third one expands on points made at the end of the second one, almost three years ago. Unfortunatley, the points it makes are academic and likely to be dull for many. But trust me: they’re important.


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    Doc, you’ve outdone yourself. That was an amazing introduction and grand tour of all of the frames that surround this hyperspace we call the internet.

    Perhaps the internet is really like the TARDIS of Dr Who… much bigger on the inside than the outside? Any little old $25 used computer becomes vastly powerful once connected to the time/space vortex. 😉

    I’d be interested to see if any new frames can be found to help us keep the net free.


  2. Mike Warot’s avatar

    Since that last comment, I did a google search on the term

    “the internet is like”

    There are some amusing and insightful answers.

    I like the one that states the internet is like a replicator.

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