VRM catch-up and get-ahead

I catch up on some VRM postings at VRM linkage and thinkage in the ProjectVRM blog. Meanwhile we’re busy getting ready for the first VRM Workshop, hosted by the Berkman Center at Harvard Law School, on Monday and Tuesday of next week. It’s free, but we’ll want you to pitch in and help work on one or more of the many VRM projects that are getting underway. Hope to see some of ya’ll there. Tag: VRM2008.


  1. Ton Wesseling’s avatar

    Hi Doc, some interested Dutch people, including myself and @dutchcowboy, would love to participate or just listen in. Will there be a live stream? Naos Wilbrink is attending from the Netherlands. Is he allowed to bring a cam and start a Ustream broadcast, which ofcourse could be protected?

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