New news flow at Projo

Sheila Lennon on improvements inside the Projo (Providence Journal online) blog mill:

  The most interesting new feature, to me, is the MultiBlog: Whenever a new post, photo or comment publishes to any projo blog, it will simultaneously publish in realtime to Multiblog. You get an eagle’s-eye view of all today’s news there in one chronological stream.
  This was inspired by Dave Winer‘s River of News aggregator…

I still think the news river is one of the most underutilized Great Ideas.

But give it time. It’ll hit.


  1. Mike Warot’s avatar

    I’m beginning to see the rhyme of history, and I think the future is going to be usenet, but just a bit different:
    No anonymous posts, because of spam, copyright, etc.
    The notion of hierarchy will be replaced with tags
    Everything will have a digital signature to prevent forgery and spam
    Everything will somehow get a unique ID, so we can still Google it.
    We still won’t be able to markup hypertext.

    Usenet made efficient use of bandwidth with push technology. History doesn’t repeat, but it does rhyme.

  2. Mike Warot’s avatar

    Ugh… it ate one of my sentences…

    We still won’t be able to markup hypertext.

  3. Mike Warot’s avatar

    Ugh… one more try

    We still won’t be able to markup hypertext. <— Try highlighting the word “hyper” in that sentence, or linking to it, or this paragraph even.

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