Partial escape from just one hell

What Google Does (and needs to keep doing).

It’s about domain name registration, and how Google does that right — or closer to right than anything else I’ve found. An excerpt:

  Did I use Google just because it’s a “trusted brand”? No. In fact, there are no “brands” that I trust. Sorry, marketers, “branding” is a term borrowed from the cattle industry, and I’m done being impressed that way. (And trust me, it’s a taint that the trade isn’t going to shake.)
  I used Google because I trust them not to treat me like cattle — or worse, as a potential sucker.
  This is not to say that Google’s domain registration process is perfect, or that Google is being not-evil or anything fancy like that. My point is that Google offers a straightforward and uncomplicated service in the midst of a business that has needed one for the duration.

Just some credit where due.

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    The anecdote about friendships and how shaken you were was very enjoyable to read. Thank you, you’ve just gained a new reader.

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