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  1. Frank Koehntopp’s avatar

    Hey, it could be worse – Stwoe Boyd looks a lot like this guy: 😉

  2. Dan Thornton’s avatar

    And it’s well deserved!

    It might have started as a bit of fun (and a way to spark some interest in Ditto, which is one of the many websites I’m involved with ), but it’s quite interesting seeing one of the few public voting systems (rather than Google PR/Technorati etc), and how real people rank notable web individuals.

    The other good thing is that there’s no time limit, so hopefully it will keep growing and evolving with more individuals appearing and contributing.

  3. david cushman’s avatar

    Doc, you are so right. Point us at another pic and we’ll get it changes asap! For the full grift on what ditto is trying to achieve, can I suggest you check out this post I wrote on Stowe’s /Message in which there’s also so audio of one of the founder’s Colin Kennedy explaining the plan?

    best dc

  4. Doc Searls’s avatar

    Thanks, Dan and david. Maybe we should keep that pic up just to help humble me. Meanwhile, if you like, the picture I prefer is the one with the ancient bio here: . There is a link there to the same pic in various sizes. Shortcut:

  5. jMac’s avatar

    Doc – atleast you didnt turn out like I did!:

    By the way – what you helped clarify with Cluetrain all the way thru to VRM is a HUGE inspiration to me. What YOU say I term as mandatory viewing… check it:

    Its even inspiring The Communication Ideal (which Dan and David are collaborators on) here:

    You rock – we follow you.

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