I’m flying back to Boston today. Weather looks bad for shooting over the West. It’ll be dark over the rest of the trip anyway, though sometimes I get some good city shots at night.

Flying out here on the 19th, I sat on the sunny side of the plane, which never makes for good shooting, but I still got some decent shots of Gloucester Bay, Mt. Blanca in Colorado’s Sagre de Cristo range, Great Sand Dunes National Park, centerfed farms (such as the one above) in the San Luis Valley, the San Juan River running through a hogback, Shiprock, the painted desert, the Black Mesa Mine, the Kayenta Mine, the Grand Canyon, salt evaporators, Mt. San Jacinto, Mt. San Gorgonio, mountains of coastal southern California and Los Angeles freeways. Some are good. Enjoy.


  1. Michael Lucas-Smith’s avatar

    Circles in a grid? who taught those guys geometry??

  2. Chuck McGuire’s avatar

    The guys who laid out the public lands in a one mile grid a long time ago.

    By the way Doc, from a first generation off the farm descendant of sodbusters, those are center-pivot irrigators.

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