1. moira mclean’s avatar

    I find it fascinating watching Google systematically delve into and usually succeed in such a variety of markets. That said, I don’t think the G1 will topple the iphone, not yet anyway.

  2. Doc Searls’s avatar

    The press (including yours truly) like to make everything into a fight. The real story here is less interesting than G1 vs. iPhone, and far more important. It’s the establishment of truly generative mobile devices. Both Android and the iPhone contribute to that, but as platforms go, Android is far more open and therefore potentially far more generative. Until then, however, the iPhone rules.

  3. Stephen Lewis’s avatar

    The iPhone “generative”? The iPhone is “applianced” in the most important of ways: It is SIM-locked and thus tethered to a single carrier and a single (nationally-based) billing system. When using an iPhone outside of the country in which it is purchased, owners have two choices, i.e. to turn off its data and email functions (its prime generative functions) or risk penury and heart failure on receipt of their bill.


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