Closer to home

Now J.P. Morgan is the bank that ate the bank that ate my bank.

For what little it’s worth at this point, WaMu — Washington Mutual — was a bozo bank. What can you say about a bank that never got its online banking to work right? Plenty, but it’s too late to bother.

More here.

A press release and reassuring words from the Office of Thrift Supervision.

Who’s next?

Meanwhile, Rome burns.

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  1. Robert’s avatar

    Same experience here — WaMu ate my bank, Home Savings and Loan, which at the time was just about the highest rated bank in terms of customer service. Washington Mutual immediately began to degrade service, and I dumped them after a year or so, and gave up on the abusive, predatory practices of banks altogether, choosing instead to go to a credit union. Oh, and I got out of the stock market in 1999. No surprise to see that kleptocratic-militarist (and oil sodden) neo-liberal economics now looks a little bit like voodoo, even to them damn’d commernists, who now happen to be our second largest creditor (or holder of T-bills, or the like). Good riddance to all of the thieving boyz and lawyerz of Wall Street, and maybe we can then turn our attention away from gambling (of the literal and financial kind) and suburban real-estate development to actually making stuff once more — something we’re quite good at.

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