Hate to say it, but…

I think McCain won the thing. Not on substance, but on style. McCain sounded like Reagan, and Obama sounded like Kerry. The CNN talking heads seem to be giving the edge to Obama, but I just saw Guiliani on MSNBC, who made it clear that Obama gave the right wing talk machine a pile of fodder for the next week’s shows. Every time Obama said “John is right,” I winced.

FWIW, I listened to most of it on the radio, so the stuff about McCain never looking at Obama I missed.


  1. PXLated’s avatar

    I think Obama could have been a lot more “dirty” and hit McCain harder. But, McCain is supposed to be strong on foreign issues and was believed to have the advantage in this first debate so I don’t think McCain did that exemplary. Me thinks it was a draw.

    But I think I’m prejudice as I’m so sick of hearing “surge” and “Petraeous” I could throw up.

  2. Eric Norman’s avatar

    I hate to say it, but …

    Trying to figure out who “won” and who “lost” isn’t a very useful thing to do.

  3. Andrew Leyden’s avatar

    I rarelly watch the debates because I don’t think they are as important as what comes after. The perception of who won, or who did badly, or was caustic, or whatever is often far more powerful than the specifics of what they say (and let’s face it, these things almost never have any real specifics). Those perceptions are what people carry with them to the voting booth.

  4. Adam Fields’s avatar

    I will say that I don’t think McCain did as badly as I was expecting. On the radio, you also miss the fact that when he’s speaking, he blinks about once or twice per second, which is very distracting.

    With candidates so diametrically opposed, is anyone really sufficiently undecided at this point that a debate is going to convince them one way or the other?

  5. zaine_ridling’s avatar

    Is anyone else as troubled as I am that both these guys can’t seem to talk without a teleprompter in front of them? It’s a subtle change this year that no one is as qualified to run for prez as a senator.

    Different skills, different talents. If mccain votes for the bailout, he cedes the election to obama.

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