Palin = Evita?

That’s what Naomi Wolf says. It sounds alarmist and paranoid, and in line with The End of America, but as creeped out as I already am by what I hear on the radio (e.g. ordinary Americans saying Wall Street should fail just because fat cats need to be blamed… ignorant of their dependence on an at least a minimally healthy financial system), I gotta wonder.

Do we want to move beyond Bush-Cheney-Rove? Or do we want four more years of that? There’s your choice, America.


  1. James Robertson’s avatar

    Sigh. Except for the fact that Evita rose to power by marrying into it, and Palin actually rose to the governorship the old fashioned way. If there was anyone this campaign year who even vaguely resembled Evita, it was Hillary – and she’s out of the running.

    I’d suggest that Wolf read some history, but I think she’d have trouble with the big words.

  2. Don Marti’s avatar

    You can have a “minimally healthy financial system” and still let the big failures fail.

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