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James Fallows: After thirty years of meeting and interviewing politicians, I can think of exactly three people who sounded as uninformed and vacant as this. All are now out of office. One was a chronic drunk.

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  1. James Robertson’s avatar

    At least she’s not trying to use law enforcement to impose censorship – and, as awful as McCain is on free speech, he’s not either. Obama?

    Try this

    At this point, I expect Obama to win. I also expect the restrictions on speech to look very much like what Wilson did during and after WWI. Wait for “truth squads” and “speech commissions” to come out of an Obama administration – his first instinct is to treat opposition to him as akin to treason.

    And a pre-emptive no to the people who think that’s Bush. If it is, explain how Olbermann has remained on the air.

  2. Doc Searls’s avatar

    I don’t agree, as you might guess.

    Except about Olberman. Pompous and insufferable.

  3. James Robertson’s avatar

    Well, just to be clear – I don’t want Olbermann silenced. I’m stating that Obama’s first instinct (and this isn’t the first time we’ve seen this) is to try and shut down opposing voices. Bush simply hasn’t done that. McCain’s record on speech sucks, but Obama’s instincts here scare the crap out of me.

  4. Ehud’s avatar

    She sure sounds like a fool. But you do realize that she expresses the views her constituency favors, and that ultimately this is what counts in an election, right?

  5. Doc Searls’s avatar


    Not if she sounds ridiculous in the process.

    I think, by the way, that we’ve seen her at low ebb now. Expectations have now been recalibrated at a value so low that if she come off as anything sharper than a “moose in the headlights” (credit to Mudflats for that one), it’ll count as a plus.

    Also, somehow she got to be governor of a state. She’s not dumb. Just unready. Her team has six days. Start counting.

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