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    Selamat Hari Raya, indeed! If my memory serves me well: “A great good morning,” somewhat ala have-a-nice-day, but far less banal. It is nostalgic for me to read Malay/”Indonesian”. Lovely sentiments on a day that is both Eid and Roshashoneh. To Muslim and Jewish friends both, a sweet holiday and healthy year. To Christian friends similar wishes and the hope that they — as peoples of all religious backgrounds — will grow in their knowledge and appreciation of the “others” in their midst.

    PS. Bravo for showing this small but important bit of proof that the net and web and social networking are no longer exclusively American or Western.

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    Doc. For an expansion on my comment above and for a few words on the infrastructure and corporeality/incorporeality of the internet, see this new post on my weblog “HakPakSak”:


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