Talking to lenses

It’s been suggested that Sarah Palin hasn’t had much media training. On the contrary, she had plenty enough as a sports reporter. Check this out:

In that video, from her days reporting for an Anchorage TV station, she’s clearly not Major Market. But you can see how her persona today is a combination of aw-shucks-doggone-it hockey mom, smart political operator and TV personality. And the latter cannot be discounted.

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  1. Russell Nelson’s avatar

    I don’t think that being a reporter qualifies you to be interviewed by a reporter. That would be like saying that being able to shoot qualifies you to be shot.

  2. James Cherkoff’s avatar

    Oooh, it’s like Nicole Kidman in To Die For, in which, now I come to think of it, she is very much like a pitbull with lipstick!

  3. Jonathan Marks’s avatar

    But it does train you to play to the camera and make yourself look the best infront of the nation. I agree with Doc that you cannot discount the appeal of personality in Main Street USA.

  4. Doc Searls’s avatar

    Russ, I see you’re talking about another kind of media training. Point taken. I also think that Palin is more at ease with cameras — and using them to reach past intermediators and talk directly with ordinary folks — than anybody we’ve seen in a long time. Certainly more than Biden, McCain, and even Obama, all of which are to some degree mannered and uncomfortable.

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