Sailing the Charles

The moon rose while the sun set yesterday evening as we were treated to steady 12-knot winds, tacking back and forth in an MIT sailboat on the Charles. Cambridge to the north, Boston to the south. Skylines all around. Perfect.


  1. Emil Sotirov’s avatar

    I was there too (with my wife)… the day before… in a canoe. Boston is beautiful.

  2. Doc Searls’s avatar

    Need to do the canoe thing. Big canoe freak. Can’t believe we’ve lived here this long and still haven’t gone out on the Charles.

  3. Chip’s avatar

    Common interest – canoes
    Not out enough lately

    Sawyer – they’ve been out of production for some year’s
    Just googleded and found that someone must have the old molds

    Shockwave – very very nice


  4. Emil Sotirov’s avatar

    Doc… you’re not alone. We live in Boston (Brookline) since 2000 and this was the first time we did this. We rented our canoe from this place:

    Chip… thanks for the link – we will be buying (canoes or kayaks) next spring.

  5. Money in the Bank’s avatar

    That picture looks so surreal. Thanks for the post, maybe I’ll steal it and claim it as my own!

  6. Garrett’s avatar

    That is one nice photo.

    Fondly reminded me of my Riverside Boat Club days.

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