Gain of face

Just checked in with Facebook…

That’s 465 items, not including the couple dozen friend requests I accepted yesterday, after checking for the first time in a month or two. It’s sort of metasticized from the last time I expressed my annoyance with Facebook, almost a year ago.

Maybe in another month I’ll check back again.



  1. kasper’s avatar

    yea we get it you’re popular.

  2. Doc Searls’s avatar

    I think there’s a difference between popularity and knowing a lot of people. I’ve been around a long time and know a lot of people, especially in the tech industry. So I think the numbers here are combination of neglected Facebook maintenance and knowing a lot of people.

    But hell, maybe you’re right. Most of the requests are from people I don’t know. Or barely remember from somewhere or other.

    In any case, I’ve never played the popularity game, and have no interest in it, which is why it’s beside the point I’m making here, which is also the one I made almost a year ago.

    Guess I should have pointed back to that. Maybe I’ll add the link now.

  3. max cameron’s avatar

    If you stopped picking up your voicemail for a month you’d probably have missed the same amount of information.

  4. max cameron’s avatar

    If you stopped cleaning your kitchen for a month it would be a mess too =)

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