The other Brookline

New Hampshire has a Brookline, too. It’s just north of the Massachusetts border, and it’s this pretty little New England town, complete with a covered bridge and a lighthouse.

The former was born in 2001 and carries foot and bike traffic, and the latter has less modern provenance, judging from its look. And it is obviously ornamental, sitting at the corner Potanipo Pond, at what I gather is the source of the Nissitissit River.

Interesting to compare two photo sets, taken one day away from exactly one year apart. Here’s my series of the site from 2007, and here’s the one from 2008. Except for the footbridge the subjects were a bit different, but one thing stands out: the colors were better this year.


  1. Dave Winer’s avatar

    The one in Massivetwoshits is called Baruchline because so many Jewish folk live there.

  2. Andy’s avatar

    I grew up just south of there in Townsend, MA, making me part of only perhaps a couple thousand people that always think of this Brookline first when the name is mentioned. And that’s after living in Coolidge Corner for two years. Thanks for the lovely shot.

  3. Claire Giordano’s avatar

    New Hampshire is so beautiful in the fall. It’s been 19 years since I left Concord, New Hampshire for a 2 year stint in the California Bay Area, never to return as it turns out! Thx for sharing these great photos, Doc.

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