Ahead of time

I hate to sleep through history, but that’s the plan. I’m sitting here in a hotel in London at 10:20pm GMT with a connection too slow for video and barely fast enough for audio. Meaningful results won’t be coming in here until about 3am, which is when I’ll get up and try not to listen too closely while I get some overdue work done. Then at 6am I’ll join some locals and ex-pats at a pub nearby to celebrate the Obama victory.

I’m expecting by that time the U.S. media will be calling it a landslide, and then exercizing all the superlatives that come with such an unprecedented candidate, campaign, movement and promise.

And they’ll be right.

Look at the size of the crowds, the length of the lines. No ‘fence to John McCain, but he’s not making that happen. This is Something Else. This is the movie that’s real. This is the moment. The turning point.


And see ya ’round the bend.


  1. Emil Sotirov’s avatar

    Doc… thank you for sharing your optimism. An improbable loss for Obama wouldn’t be politically “real”… no matter what. Our optimism is… will be… and should be… the political reality. Sorry for mumbling…

  2. TechPRGuy’s avatar

    Doc — as of 10:45 p.m. ET, after surfing through the TV networks’ coverage, and major media stories online, consensus seems to be 51% Obama to 48% McCain in the popular vote, with Obama winning key electoral state votes of Ohio and Pennsylvania, and possibly Florida, though it’s still early in the count there. Also seems like Obama clinched NH and Maine, where McCain did a last minute push, and was counting on.

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