Speaking Truth to Palaver

The Onion: Nation Finally Shitty Enough To Make Social Progress. An excerpt:

  Although polls going into the final weeks of October showed Sen. Obama in the lead, it remained unclear whether the failing economy, dilapidated housing market, crumbling national infrastructure, health care crisis, energy crisis, and five-year-long disastrous war in Iraq had made the nation crappy enough to rise above 300 years of racial prejudice and make lasting change…
  Carrying a majority of the popular vote, Obama did especially well among women and young voters, who polls showed were particularly sensitive to the current climate of everything being fucked. Another contributing factor to Obama’s victory, political experts said, may have been the growing number of Americans who, faced with the complete collapse of their country, were at last able to abandon their preconceptions and cast their vote for a progressive African-American.

Quite the contrast from last January, when the Onion reported that bullshit would be the most important issue in the election. How time fries.


  1. Sheila Lennon’s avatar

    Blogging at MSM, I had to link that as Nation Finally ****** Enough To Make Social Progress.

    There are a lot of six-asterisk words if you use your imagination.

  2. Russell Nelson’s avatar

    Hmmm…. And how is handing the first black president this pile of shit going to be a good thing? Basically, the best he can do is not make it worse, and he’s already committed to making us poorer with his support for the failout, his promise not to have secret ballots for union votes, to amend NAFTA to make it more union-friendly, to spend more money. He’s promised to end the war in Iraq. It seems like if it’s something bad for the average US citizen, he plans to take action on it, and if it’s something good for the average US citizen, it’s something he’s going to stop doing, like the war in Iraq, or torture.

    Basically, Obama needs to start doing less in order to succeed. If you want to return to earth, you have to start by going slower.

  3. Mike Warot’s avatar

    I fail to see how torture is good for anyone. It doesn’t get information, and it’s cruel and unusual punishment. It’s also a war crime.

  4. Russell Nelson’s avatar

    Mike: exactly. That’s (just one of) the reason why Obama should end the practice from day one.

  5. Mike Warot’s avatar

    Apparently I don’t fully understand your comment. It seems to me that Obama is going to try to listen to us, pick our best ideas and make them happen, while simultaneously correcting bad behavior and fixing our mistakes of the past to the extent possible.

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