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    Thanks, Doc, for drawing attention to the posts. Actually, a series of upcoming posts will indeed take on the history and artificiality of countries/nations. The hooks: Benedict Anderson’s and Partick Geary’s classic works on the subject, my observations on Balkan national identities, recent works on the financial and infrastructural sides of Germany 1933-1945, and comparisons of national territories with rationalized patterns of communication and infrastructure plus effects of the internet.

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    I was in Bavaria recently for my uncle’s funeral and was amazed that my relatives were getting their broadband by plugging directly into an electrical outlet. I thought it was the coolest thing and wondered why we don’t do that here in the US.

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    Hey Doc. Completely off topic (though a good topic it is) looking to contact you RE use of an image of yours in a book. Couldn’t find any direct email address for you on the web, hence this post. If you could contact me at the address I provided with this post I sure would appreciate it.

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    Mike, I’m dsearls AT or doc AT

    But if you’re looking to use an image, feel free. I don’t mind being paid every once in awhile for my shots, but far as I’m concerned they’re all in the public domain. Roll with it.

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