Toward a Happier New Year on Harvard Square


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    I like Wahyd’s idea – it would have to be a boutique service, without the excess that characterizes the present Out of Town News offerings.

    It would no longer *be* OoTN, obviously. If OoTN is, oh, Galerie Printemps or Kaufhaus des Westens or Bloomingdale’s right now (something for everyone), the new incarnation would be a specialty boutique, based on existing consumer demand (*but without all the serendipity of finding something completely different from what you were looking for, perhaps*).

    But it’s still the case that the new format could morph and grow eventually. Serendipity *is* (or should be) built into markets – maybe into the mature ones. That is, it doesn’t happen in the new formats overnight – it has to grow, get cultivated (imo).

    Regardless, trying to bring print-on-demand *to the street* is a really interesting idea.

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    Wish you all a Happy New Year in advance.

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    Doc, FWIW it sounds like the icon will retain its soul under new ownership – City of Cambridge has 11 bidders to take over the property, bids to be opened on January 8. See

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