Energy into Energy

A friend close to What’s Happening in several industries, plus the Obama Transition Team, tells me all the action is around Energy. It isn’t just that everybody’s Going Green. It’s just recognizing that everything infrastructural we talk about these days, from rebuilding bridges to waste management to the auto industry bailout, involves recognizing that what we’ve been doing since we replaced horses with cars has about run its course, and that it’s actually a Good Thing that the economy is grinding to a near-halt, forcing not only a reassessment of many formerly given assumptions, but that new ideas are springing up where large failures are being buldozed aside.

It is with this in mind that we should welcome posts such as Transition Team Weighing Blockbuster Housing and Stimulus Proposal, at SolveClimate. See what you think.


  1. Terence’s avatar

    You’re right, it IS about energy – the kind of potential energy that keeps the band-aid on the scab because we fear the pain of ripping it off.

  2. RBM’s avatar

    Existing building stock is the present focus of my job search. I am officially an unemployed HVAC/R graduate.

    So, thanks. I’ve posted this to a favorite energy blogger Robert Rapier.

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