The New York Mash

Just noticed Blogrunner, which looks like a mash of Technorati and Google News. The brief About:

  Blogrunner is a news aggregator from The New York Times that monitors articles and blog posts and tracks news stories as they develop across the Web.

Below that is a link to its blog. Here’s the FAQ.


  1. Gene Taylor’s avatar

    I didn’t know Blogrunner was owned by the NYT. Sure enough it is though. 🙂

  2. Hilton Head Homes’s avatar

    Wow thanks for sharing that about Blogrunner. I had not seen that before but that is great mashup! It amazes me what people are coming up with these days. Cheers!

  3. ACH Processing’s avatar

    Is it a good thing that Blogrunner is owned by the NYT? I worry that the corporate side will sway the information and how it is published.

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