Remembering where

Napoleon, North Dakota. Mom‘s home town. By J.D. Speltz, for the town’s 125th anniversary. I remember when she when Mom went to the 75th. Not sure if she went to the 100th. But I do remember how she subscribed for many years to the Napoleon Homestead, which still exists.


  1. Craig Meidinger’s avatar

    Connecting with people… I grew up 18 miles S/SW of Napolean. Thanks! 15 minutes of reflection. Great place to grow up. Great blog! Have a nice day.

  2. Doc Searls’s avatar

    Where are you now, Craig? Just curious.

  3. Craig Meidinger’s avatar

    Woodbury, MN suburb East of St. Paul. Graduated from Wishek HS on May 18, 1980 and was living in Mpls 12:00 noon on the 19th. Napoleon is in Logan County. Wishek is in McIntosh County. People from there live long, tuff Germans from Russia. 2000 census McIntosh County had the oldest avg age 68. My parents still live on the farm. I no longer know how I stumbled upon you blog, but I do truely enjoy and it brings joy daily! Thanks again.

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