Window blobs

Form the inside of a de-iced plane, it looks like they poured clear syrup all over it. Or so I was reminded when waiting to take off from O’Hare on Saturday night after a snowstorm. What I found, when I tried to shoot pictures through this rippled ooze, was some fun photographic effects. The shot above is one example among many.

Lights outside were optically exploded into large spongy-looking blobs that resembled models of the universe, cooled meteorites, series of vertebrae, asteroids from old video games…

Anyway, I shot a lot of them.

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  1. Man Utd Fan’s avatar

    Nice pictures. That looks really cool.

  2. RBM’s avatar

    ‘url is not valid’ was returned on several links in the post.

    De-icing recipes used to include Glycol in the fluid mixture. That was so in ’82, at least, when I did the electrical work in the manufacturing of De-icing trucks.

    *Fun with Chemistry !!*

    At one point, a grade A 3/8 inch steel bolt was suspended on a string in a bucket of Glycol. Over time the bolt was reduced to nothing.


  3. Doc Searls’s avatar

    Bad html. Fixed it, but also took out a link or two, because I couldn’t verify them with Flickr havig “hiccups”.

    Seems that various glycols are still in use, fwiw.

    In this case they first used hot water, then the green stuff.

  4. Chip’s avatar

    Takes me back to “light shows” in the 70’s (VBG)


  5. Doc Searls’s avatar

    Yeah, Chip. Took me back too. I gave some of my hearing to those shows. Probably some neurons too.

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