NYTimes gets on the Cluetrain


Very slick. You can’t link to the flashy videos, or I’d point to the one with Padma Lakshmi‘s beautiful bod. T+A, complete with cleavage. Very nice. But very Times? Hey, when your whole industry is being bulldozed off the cliff… whatever works, I guess.


  1. Sheila Lennon’s avatar

    Tsk, tsk.

    You could not watch. Eyeballs drive revenue.

    Marketing’s age old musical question: What will people vote up with their attention?


  2. Doc Searls’s avatar

    Right. Going mainstream means going for celebrities, tits, ass, pecs, octo-mommies and the rest of it.

    People Magazine used to be about interesting people, period. Now it’s about celebrities, and — relatively speaking — rakes in the dough.

    CNN headline news is wall-to-wall crap. And CNN itself isn’t far behind. When the going gets tough, the fearful get desperate.

    Eight years ago, The Onion nailed it.

    Bonus link.

  3. Jakob’s avatar

    You can link to videos. If you use the left side menu, you can send a link to a video by mail to a friend and share on social networks. Link to the Padma Lakshmi video is http://www.nytimesconversations.com/?person=PadmaLakshmi&videoindex=1

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