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Looking forward to Media Logging across many devices and media types. Thinking about this while digging KKFI out of Kansas City. Currently I’m listening over my laptop, but I just added it to my favorites on the WunderRadio tuner (found it by a search there). Other faves are Radio Paradise, KPIG (which is playing the excellent”Lord, Don’t Move That Mountain” by Angela Strehli), KGSR (playing David Bowie’s Fame), WBJB, WERS, WBGO, Cruisin’ Oldies, WUMB, WMBR, KRCL, KUAT, KVMR, Whole Wheat Radio, Missing are WBCR-lp (from Great Barrington, deep in the Berkshires, currently playing the Dead’s Tennessee Jed) and Power106 from Jamaica. Still, a pretty amazing list.

Also digging the tweeter nowplayingon. Is he or she using the Yes thingie to get those 21,525 updates, so far? Not sure.

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  1. Ian Clark’s avatar


    I notice you mention WunderRadio which costs $5.99, but use mainly Public Radio (free) — I guess I’m an old skinflint, but why not go for free?


  2. Doc Searls’s avatar

    I use the Public Radio Tuner for most of my public radio listening. In addition to liking the program, I have a small hand in developing it. And yes, it’s free. (>1.6 million downloaded so far.)

    There are no free tuners for the iPhone that make it easy to tune all the different stations WunderRadio covers, some of which I listed above. So I pay for that one.

  3. Michael Place’s avatar

    I’ve taken a pretty detailed look at the Public Radio Tuner. I think it’s a shame that station are going the application route.

    Who wants to run an application in the foreground all the time and essentially tie up the phone for other uses while streaming? SomaFM and UtahFM have both managed to develop native streaming that just uses the Quicktime player to run in the background.

    (Full disclosure: I’m a staff member at UtahFM) ;]

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