Flickr back up

First, a big thanks to all the folks at Yahoo who ran down and helped fix the problem behind the post below. Turns out I had two IDs, one for Yahoo and one for Flickr, and that the two were never joined, or merged, or whatever it is. They still aren’t, but it’s cool. The only one I care about (at least at this point) is the Flickr one. I still don’t understand what went wrong, exactly, but at least now I know for sure what the logins and passwords are, for both accounts.

So I just celebrated by uploading some shots of the Channel Islands, which I took two days ago, en route from LAX to SFO. I have a huge backlog of shots to upload, but I’m too busy these days to keep up. But this is a nice batch, and labeling and tagging everything didn’t take too long.

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  1. Chip’s avatar


    Just got Shirley upgraded to “Pro” for a bunch of shots of Japan (we just got home)

    I was keeping fingers crossed for you, and wasn’t going to tell her of your situation


  2. Doc Searls’s avatar

    If you don’t make it complicated, it’s cool.

  3. Chip’s avatar

    Been using Flickr for those shots I want to share for a long time (discovered via Esther – so what’s new?)

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