Hey United! Drop the opt-out pitches.

, for which I am a 1K (>100,000 miles per year) flyer, and which I fly so close to exclusively that I’m almost too familiar with their methods, has in the last year added a number of opt-out inconveniences to booking and check-in systems. Here is one for bonus miles that shows up both online and on-screen when going through the “Easy Check-In” process at the airport. Now the passenger has look carefully at the small print before saying no to something he or she doesn’t want.

Worse, one can’t opt out once for this stuff. One has to do it every time.

When I ask people behind the counter how they feel about it, they always say they hate it. It’s one more thing to straighten out with customers who meant to say “no,” but hit “accept” by mistake. Which is, at least partly, the idea.


  1. CraigI’s avatar

    What you’re really asking for, Doc, is for UAL to be an ethical company.

    It’s unethical to make a choice the default choice when it is nearly universally declined unless “accidentally” accepted, costs more $$, etc.

  2. Doc Searls’s avatar

    Yes, Craig. Exactly. It also has no class.

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