Top speed, 3km/h

A canal in Lorraine

That headline is the posted speed limit where we are at the moment: relaxing on a canal in rural France. I bought two hours of slow Internet over wi-fi at a marina, and that will be about it for connectivity until next time, if there is one, on this trip, which we are enjoying totally.


  1. Sheila’s avatar

    Photo looks good and the speed has us unconcerned about the skippers’ experience. Do wish that we were on that cruise…glad to know that you are having a peaceful trip…certainly doesn’t seem to have you “rollin’ on the river!”

  2. josh parker’s avatar

    yeah…really a beautiful nice place to study……in order to be a part with nature……..if i were there, may be i believe i”ll surely miss my time during my visiting there……..i love harvard………heheh

    by josh parker

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