A lost moment in email marketing hell

So I get an email from The River: Integrating Web Intelligence, subtitled “Bridging the Web and Physical Channels”. The first section is this:

1. Audio Tweet 4 min. :

Clickstream Trust / Privacy in Telcos – Part 1/4 in the “Who owns Clickstream data?”


Series – Courtesy of TelecomTV’s Main Agenda Interactive

Paul Magelli – Nokia Siemens, Head of Subscriber Data Management, Nokia Siemens Networks

I’m interested in the subjects — privacy, telcos, data ownership (or whatever we’d rather call it), clickstreams, Nokia — and Paul looks like a nice guy, so I click on the link (the one above) and it takes me to a page that says I have to be a member to get in.

Why? Am I a member already? I dunno. So I do a search for teradatariver.com in my email pile and find that the current email is the fourteenth since November. Before that there is only one email: an invite from somebody I know, a couple weeks before the emails started. Did I respond to the invite? I click on the link in the email. Teradatariver.com comes up and says the invite has expired.

I don’t know what to do with all that, so I write about it here… last January. That is, everything above this is a draft I started in January, when it was front burner for a minute two and I cared about it. I just discovered the draft and decided to post it rather than throw it away. Who knows, maybe it’ll do some good.


  1. John McKean’s avatar

    Guilty as charged Doc… I’m the e-mail marketing hellian…

    You did join this invitation-only community in Nov. after we talked on the phone about VRM and other sorted topics. If you want to view content in the future, all you need to do in sign-in. After that, you shouldn’t need to.

    Hope that helps.

  2. Mark’s avatar

    I made a comment about this post that was courteous and professional. I disagreed with you but that doesn’t seem a reason to censor me. Why was it removed??

  3. Doc Searls’s avatar

    Mark, I’m not aware of having removed a post of yours. I just now (today, the 12th) got email notification of your August 5 post above. And this post would not have gone up had you not passed moderation at some earlier point. So I’m kind of lost here. Can you tell me what you said? Or try to post it again? Thanks, and sorry for the trouble.

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