A strange Twitter double-fail

Twitter Fail

This makes no sense.

If you can’t read the above, it says “Sorry! You’ve hit your hourly usage limit. Try again soon.” That’s above a message that says “This user does not exist.” The user in question is @DickHardt, who does exist, as you can see.

Twitter has frozen me out, so I can’t check shit, but I’ll bet I haven’t tweeted more than maybe four times today.

I kinda doubt this is an April Fools thing, since faking a fail isn’t Twitter’s style. (Outright failing is another matter, whales withstanding.)

Clues, anybody?

And if anybody feels like tweeting this, please do. The short URL is http://bit.ly/gqSgMr.

Bonus link: A fun interview by @HowardStern with @Biz Stone. Here’s the audio clip.

[Later…] Seems to be working again. I guessed right: all of four tweets today. Tweeting this will be the fifth.

Okay, I just tweeted this, and now it tells me I’ve exceeded my hourly limit again.

I’m not alone. This is a big problem. It looks like Twitter is taking lessons from AT&T. Not good.

FWIW, some people have asked if I use a tool other than a browser to interact with Twitter. The answer is no. Sometimes I use the Twitter app on the iPhone, but not today.


  1. Eric Hellman’s avatar

    Perhaps your external IP address is being throttled. Some intense Harvard data harvesting project, perhaps.

  2. andrewo’s avatar

    Had similar trouble a few nights ago — I was trying to unfollow about 100 and hit my “hourly usage limit” after dropping the first 50ish.

  3. M Wms’s avatar

    I got the same same message about my limit being reached a few months ago when I was accessing Twitter on my Android. Never figured out why. I had not tweeted anything that hour (or day).

  4. Bryan Price’s avatar

    Right now, all Twitter is doing is sitting there, while Firefox tells me it’s connecting…

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