Royal pains

The Royal Wedding Not the Royal Weddingisn’t my cup of tedium, but olde blog buddies Eric and Dawn Olsen will be covering the show for The Morton Report, so I urge you to follow it there. I’ll do my best as well.

Not speaking of which, I am old enough to remember the last Royal Wedding, which happened on my birthday in 1981. What sticks most in my mind about that event is an exceptionally funny send-up of the whole thing: a book titled Not the Royal Wedding, by Sean Hardie and John Lloyd. My sister, who (I’ll let her explain) served “on the personal staff of the  Commander-in-Chief, US Naval Forces Europe as the Protocol Officer, living in a mews flat in Chelsea, working on Grosvenor Square and having the best time of my life”, brought the book back to the states, and I laughed my rocks off reading it, even though I’m sure many of the jokes sailed past me. One item that stands out is a large spread on the royal silverware, including a “bitchfork.” The price on Amazon at that last link is also pretty good: “5 used from £0.01”, it says.

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    One thing you’d appreciate: Colette, my mother and the kids were watching the wedding — it is ABSOLUTELY C’s ‘cup of tedium’ as you say! (I was in an aluminum tube on my way across the Pacific.) The boy was very into the whole thing for some reason, I’m not sure why, apart from the fact that everything on a glowing rectangle interests him. When it was over, the boy turned to C and said in all seriousness said, “Is the Prince going to go and kill some dragons now?” Well, of course, isn’t that what Princes do? He can be so astoundingly adorable.

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