FiOS is in my street. Can I have some?

[4 December: I got a call from Verizon and an answer. For that, skip down to *here.]

We have a new apartment in Manhattan. Washington Heights. Verizon FiOS is here. FiOS trucks roam the streets. They set up little tables in front of apartments where FiOS is now available, to sign customers up. My wife talked to a guy at one of those recently, and he told us Verizon would bring FiOS to any apartment building where a majority of tenants welcomed it, provided the fiber is in the street. Our street has it, but we can’t get through to Verizon by the usual means (website, phone number). Checking with those is a dead end. They say it’s not available. But I want to know for sure, either way. Because I’ll bet I can sell a majority of tenants on going with FiOS. I know FiOS, because I’ve been a customer near Boston since 2007. So can somebody from Verizon please contact me? Either here or through @dsearls. Thanks.

* Had a good talk with a Verizon rep who called me today (4 December). Here’s what she said:

  1. FiOS is not ready on our street yet, but it will be.
  2. When it is, building owners will be notified, both by mail and in person if possible. So alert the building owner to this eventuality, if the owner is not you.
  3. Meanwhile also go on the website and navigate to where you can request service. Even if they say it’s not available now, the request will be remembered when the service actually rolls out.
  4. Right now Verizon has stopped pushing or building out any new services while existing ones are down or damaged due to Sandy. Since there was a lot of damage, and many customers affected, the company’s first priority is restoring that service. This will take awhile. No telling how long yet.
  5. When the Sandy restoration job is complete, the company will go back to expanding services to both new and existing customers.

So I’ll call Time Warner tomorrow. Meanwhile, maybe the information above will help you too.

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  1. gpatterson’s avatar

    Had the same problem here in Philadelphia…FiOS looks good (on paper), but will not compete until Verizon makes an attempt at distributing actual knowledge to its employees

  2. Doc Searls’s avatar

    FiOS can be good in reality. I’ve been a loyal and pleased customer in Massachusetts for more than five years. That’s why I also want it in New York, if I can get it.

    BTW, FiOS in New York sent me an email asking for my phone number yesterday. I gave it to them. No call from them yet, though.

  3. Joel Stottlemire’s avatar

    FiOS is a great concept but I don’t have a lot of confidence that they are going to support it. There seems to be a lack of training among their staff that suggests that Verison is not fully committed to the idea.

  4. Verizon FiOS’s avatar

    Hey Doc. Thanks for the interest in FiOS, and we’re glad to hear you got the answers you were looking for. If you ever have questions, you can always reach out to us on Twitter as well at @VerizonFiOS or @VerizonSupport. We love to chat!

  5. kyaw kyaw naing’s avatar

    They are doing sort of door to door sales, but haven’t made “an attempt at distributing actual knowledge to its employees” as a commentator above noted.


    Many people will just adpot a wait and see attitude to FiOS.

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