The Gospel According to ZZ Top

In mass this morning only two words the priest said during the homily stuck in my mind: it’s alright.

Because they called ZZ Top to mind. Specifically, the song Legs. It beginsShe’s got legs. She knows how to use them. Then the boys sing a bunch of other stuff over this repetitive throbbing riff that sounds like it’s made by thousand-pound bees. At the end of the first verse they sum things up with this: yeah, it’s alright.

A few months back I turned my sixteen year old son on to ZZ Top, starting with Legs, and he got a huge laugh out the alright thing. It might not be deep, but it’s still cool. Meaning: it’s alright.

Here’s the original music video, just so ya’ll know what MTV looked like, back in the decade.

Bonus link.


  1. save’s avatar

    ‘Hot for Teacher” next?

  2. Blippitt’s avatar

    “Legs” is OK. Still, for my money, the best song from the ’80s version of ZZ Top was “Sharp Dressed Man.” Now THAT’S a guitar riff!

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