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  • How to Make Innovation Work in News Pull-quote: “Look for moments when the gates are down, when people have to get stuff done, there’s no time to object.”
  • The govt should stay out of journalism. Pull-quote: “We have a highly dysfunctional press, exemplified by reporters who want to debate the character of the leakers, instead of exploring what was revealed by the leaks. In such a world, we should be trying to expand the realm of people empowered to inform us about what our elected representatives are doing with the power we invest in them. Keep them on their toes and looking over their shoulders. Put a little of the fear they put in us in them. Imho if the government says who’s a journalist, under penalty of law, then there will be no journalism.”
  • Learning from Bill. Also: the podcast.
  • Riptide, The Times Programmers and the Un-Shorenstein.
  • Two ways of looking at an outline. You’re looking at one now, composed in and published from Fargo.

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  1. Paul Bouzide’s avatar

    The Telecom’s Crystal Ball was a great read. Really helpful reframing I think. Lots for both Frankston and Glass to agree with, I’d venture.

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