The hell of comments

So I wanted to add a comment under essay “Lena Dunham Is The New John Updike — But Not In A Good Way“, in WBUR‘s Cognoscenti ‘zine (which I just discovered, and I like). So I wrote a caution about throwing out both Dunham’s and Updike’s babies in the bathwaters of their narcissm (as defined originally, for Updike, in this David Foster Wallace review of Updike’s late-in-life work). When I finished, I was presented with this:

First I picked Disqus (the one on the left), but it didn’t work. Then I picked Twitter. That didn’t work. (It flashed a small page that said “Redirecting you back to the application,” plus some other stuff that disappeared before I could read it.) Then I started writing in a name, and new fields opened up:

These were also unproductive, even when I used my known Disqus name, email and password. (The question mark with a circle produces a summary of Disqus’ policies, terms and conditions.) Then I made the mistake of clicking on a link somewhere and lost what I had written.

While it’s great, I suppose, that Disqus, Facebook, Twitter and Google provide handy shortcuts — “social” logins through their APIs — the whole non-system also fails so often that at best it comprises (entrepreneur alert:::) an opportunity for some new approach.

That’s why I keep going back to the oldest and perhaps the least complicated way to post a comment, which is on a publication of one’s own. So that’s what I’m doing here. (With a bonus complaint. 🙂 )

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  1. Frannie’s avatar

    Sorry about that, Doc. Thanks for taking the time to chronicle the process. Hopefully something we’ll be able to address in our redesign… coming soon.
    All best,
    Frannie (Cog editor/producer)

  2. Doc Searls’s avatar

    Welcome, Frannie. I was hoping it would be helpful.

  3. Some Guy’s avatar

    Do what I do, just make up a fake name and email.

  4. Doc Searls’s avatar

    I do that sometimes. And there are services that will do that for you, with robots. Privowny is one. Abine is another.

  5. Baltimore locksmith’s avatar

    Yeah I agree, sometimes it is difficult to post comments. A lot of people have the same trouble.

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