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Somebody at The New Yorker calls office junk (the kind you save until you toss because you’re moving) “accretions of intention.” Same goes for open tabs. So here are my closed ones, accreted now on a blog rather than in my tabs or my brain:

Triangulation 186 | TWiT.TV Recorded yesterday. Good one.
  Why grudges don’t work
   The address book we need today — Medium
   Olympic bid has Boston asking: ‘Huh? What inferiority complex?’ – Metro – The Boston Globe

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The True Tragedy Of "American Sniper"
The Tragedy of the American Military – The Atlantic
Public Books — Justice for “Data Janitors”
How Verizon and Turn Defeat Browser Privacy Protections | Electronic Frontier Foundation
"The Internet Would Never Have Existed Without The Copyright Monopoly" | TorrentFreak
Martin Luther King’s heirs milk a legacy: Our view
   Ready for What’s Next? Envision a Future Where Your Personal Information Is Digital Currency | WIRED
Doc Searls Weblog · For personal data, use value beats sale value
The Future of Broadcast Television — Shelly Palmer
Bluegrass on the radio in a commercial place: WFNL, 102.3-FM | On the Beat Blog | NewsObserver.con
The California-Colorado Cannabis War | Fast Company | Business + Innovation
Andrew Pearson | LinkedIn
Ernst Jünger and the Problem of Nihilism in the Age of Total War | Antoine Bousquet –
Eris Industries
google maps cell phones – – Yahoo Search Results
Who’s viewed your profile | LinkedIn
scripting/nodeStorage · GitHub
Radio Ink Magazine
Acronym-ity: VRM Are The Three Most Important Letters You’ve Never Heard Of 03/22/2014
Le Cluetrain Manifesto appliqué à la politique ·
Fuori dal Prisma – ilSole24ORE
Charlie Hebdo, Before the Massacre in Vimeo Staff Picks on Vimeo
Search results for "Doc Searls" – Wikimedia Commons
New Clues
A Quick Test
Doc Searls (@dsearls) | Twitter
Edit Post ‹ ProjectVRM — WordPress
Problem loading page
Why we need first person technologies on the Net | ProjectVRM
Evil Sponge Bob and Satan: Inside a Guantanamo Bay Prison Riot | VICE News
There’s Poop on the Moon
Using a list of the 52,131 active medallion taxi… | Vizual Statistix
Vizual Statistix : Photo
Chester Bodkin (Senior Math, Algebra Ii) (Deceased), Bogota, NJ New Jersey
A @United #VRM story with a happy ending | ProjectVRM
New Clues – Traduzione in italiano
A Tale of Two Tweets
New app aims to fix broadband puzzle | Crain’s New York Business
O listicle! My listicle!
Does behavioral economics show people are altruistic or just confused?
Charlie Hebdo, David Cameron encryption: Politicians always think surveillance is the answer.
What David Cameron just proposed would endanger every Briton and destroy the IT industry – Boing Boing
Charlie Hebdo, David Cameron encryption: Politicians always think surveillance is the answer.
Maryland City Announces Groundbreaking Fiber Partnership with Ting Internet | ctc technology & energy
A story about Jessica and her computer. — Medium
4th Party Newsletter
Smartphone obsolescence: How the personal cloud and IoT will disrupt the handset — Gigaom Research
EnGenius Personal Cloud Solutions Extend Powerful Network Capabilities and Applications to Mobile Devices Anywhere – Yahoo Finance
Barack Obama to seek limits on student data mining – Stephanie Simon – POLITICO
Will the Respect Network enable us to take back control of our data and our lives? – Trends in the Living NetworksTrends in the Living Networks
Can ‘User as Owner’ Policy Prevent Need for ‘Right to Be Forgotten’? | Tanis Jorge
How Good are Display Ads at Targeting You?
Indiana Attorney General to Push Web Privacy, Breach Notice Upgrades | Bloomberg BNA
“Long live the open Internet”: Cluetrain authors offer an updated guide to the Web | BetaBoston
Unmournable Bodies – The New Yorker
Cluetrain Manifest: Doc Searls über "New Clues" – Digital – Sü
Gillmor Gang: Kind of Clue | TechCrunch
Internet Under Fire Gets New Manifesto — Backchannel — Medium
‘Long live the open Internet’: Cluetrain authors offer an updated guide to the Web | BetaBoston
Opening Minds to the Spheres Among Us | Linux Journal
Cluetrain at Fifteen | Linux Journal
The Truth About Flight Tracking. How the NY Times Got it Wrong ✈ FlightAware
Give me a clue
Internet Under Fire Gets New Manifesto — Backchannel — Medium
Rebooted Cluetrain Manifesto – Boing Boing
Science fiction | ACCELER8OR
Can we make a machine that thinks like a human?
Facebook New Clues page
e-Trust: Wait! my dreams are being mapped into Reality!
The FTC Warns Internet Of Things Businesses To Bake In Privacy And Security | TechCrunch
Conversational Marketing Versus Market Conversations – Brian Solis
Twitter / Notifications
The Darkness in the Fairytale | illusionsofexistence
Death by Robot –
Top 10 Gmail Labs and Features You Should Enable
Cluetrain evolved –
2014 Best-Performing Cities » map
Science fiction | ACCELER8OR
A Teenager’s View on Social Media — Backchannel — Medium
Exclusive: Edward Snowden on Cyber Warfare — NOVA Next | PBS
Yelp-hating Italian restaurant ups its one-star review discount to 50% | Ars Technica
Horror. Friendship. Determination. | Ricochet
Magic Mirror (Snow White) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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   Cluetrain: The listicle.
New Clues Tweetified – Google Docs