A fine suburban #sunrise and a vexing #CS6 issue

Sacramento SunriseMade a dawn run to the nearby Peets for some dry cappuccinos, and was bathed in glow on my return by one of the most spectacular sunrises I have ever seen. It was post-peak when I got back (to the place where I’m staying in Gold River, California), but with some underexposure and white balance tweaking, I was able to get the shots in this set here.

Alas, the shot above is not in that set. It’s a screen shot I took of an adjusted raw file that Adobe Photoshop CS6 simply refused to save. “The file could not be created,” it said. No explanation. I checked permissions. No problem there. It just refused. I just checke, and the same thing happens with all files from all directories on all drives. Photoshop is suddenly useless to for editing RAW files. Any suggestions?

[Later…] An Adobe forum provided the answer here. All better now.


  1. Ally’s avatar

    What a spectacular sunrise. Beautifully photographed too. How was the weather that day?

  2. Doc Searls’s avatar

    Shortly after this, it rained.

  3. Frank Paynter’s avatar

    Did you try to “Open in Camera RAW” format via the Bridge interface?

  4. Doc Searls’s avatar

    I have Bridge but never used it. Never knew what it did, in fact.

    FWIW, what I’m dealing with is saving an edited RAW file in .jpg or .png — something I’ve been done with countless thousands of files, using every Photoshop going back many versions.

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