Everybody should have a surprise birthday party as surreal and wonderful as this one


The scene above is what greeted me when I arrived at what I expected to be a small family dinner last night: dozens of relatives and old friends, all with of my face.

For one tiny moment, I thought I might be dead, and loved ones were gathered to greet me. But the gates weren’t pearly. They were the back doors of Rosys at the Beach in Morgan Hill last night. Rosy is one of my five sisters in law. She and most of her sibs, including their two additional brothers, their kids and grandkids were there, along with many friends, including ones I’ve known since North Carolina in the early ’70s.

More about it all later (since I’m busy with continuing festivities). In the meantime I want to thank everybody, starting with my wife, who did such a great job of making the whole evening wonderful. Also for operating in complete faith that I would be clueless to the secrecy involved.


  1. Zuny’s avatar

    had quite fun 😛

  2. Sherry’s avatar

    Happy Belated Birthday, Doc. Looks like a grand party. Will send you a similar pic from Alex’s 30th! You Leo’s know how to have a good time.

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