Self-censorship: not the first time, not the last

According to, (baidu japan) is blocked to Chinese visitors by using the means of “Server Reset” because its image searching results may include illegal materials (under Chinese law). HeCaiTou, a Chinese blogger describes this self-censorship as a “self-castration” to avoid the possible punishment of the government’s “castration”. However, some other commentators do not agree with the conclusion of self-censorship but suspect the possible automatical domain hijacking by government’s filtering system.
I have commented to’s embarrassing searching results of Japanese adult images here. Even it is really Baidu itself blocked the visiting, this is not the first time Baidu found pursuing self-censorship. Its legal search engine is still filtering the court judgments that did not in favour to Baidu. Fairly speaking, the denial of access from Chinese requests of porn materials is essential in the context of Chinese interenet law, so’s self-censorship would not as devil as last time even from the perspective of moral observation. This time, therefore, can be categorized in the “necessary self-censorship”, if it is self-censorship. World is not flat, even if the TCP/IP is. The different Internet controling policies of different countries will cause more self-censorship, defenitely.
However, since the Internet Controling procedures are still in a black box, any one who is blamed as unecessary self-censorhip may excuse their own behavior as performing the requirement of the government. Further, since government dose not really stand as a unique person but consists of many departments and officers, the situation may be more complicate than one can imagine. Why, who, when, where, how and what would be blocked? Without a predictable regime, nothing is good enough enven its oringinal intention might not bad.

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