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{ Monthly Archives } September 2007

If a Law Itself Disobey the Principle of Law, It is A Bad Law

China has promulgated many provisions on the Internet cotrolling. According to these regulations, not only commercial organs but also any of the personal website shall “record” the owner, the IP address, the domain name to the governmental agencies. However, this provision of “recording” is acctually a kind of licensing policy since if any of the […]

Bad News – Some One Proposed to Deny Accesses from Governmental Network in A BBS

Yesterday, a post calling for a joint blocking of IP addresses belonging to governmental networks, copyright organizations and national gateways was published in ““. V2EX is a famous web 2.0 Chinese community, which is believed to be blocked by G.F-W recently. This website, built by Livid Torvalds (Liu Xin), an excellent programmer born in Kunming, […]

Hong Kong Legislation on the Cyber Crimes

1. Laws against Hacking (Unauthorized Access, Access with Criminal Intent)There are two offences under the laws of Hong Kong aiming at “Hacking” activities:-Cap.106 S.27a – Unauthorised access to computer by telecommunicationCap.200 S.161- Access to computer with criminal or dishonest intent CAP 106 TELECOMMUNICATIONS orDINANCESection 27A – Unauthorized access to computer by telecommunications – 16/06/2000Section Num:27AVersion […]

"Real Name Card" in Internet Cafes: Unreasonable Regulation

In most legal Internet Cafes in mainland China, one has to provide his / her “real name card” when he / she hopes to login on a computer and surf the line. The name, resident ID number and other information are integreted in these cards and they are granted by some goverment angencies. The government […]

Why Choose Blogspot Hosting My English Blog?

Everyone except some Chinese Netizens in this planet has known for a long time: blogspot is blocked by China, then why do I choose it hosting my English blog? Choosing Blogspot, I may get very limited visitors from mainland China. Although it is an English blog, I believe most of entries here are more attractive […]


Since 30 August, Feedburner has been burned out in China. That means, “” is blocked in China. No comment. I have been tired since they block Flickr. Oh, btw, a tip in Chinese legal practice: If someone say “f…k you little girl” in public website, he will not be punished; but if anyone say “f…k […]