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{ Monthly Archives } August 2008

I am NINE Years Old!

Hi, my name is BLawgDog, the second Internet baby of Uncle DONG (the first one? uncle Dong said he forgot the name…what an old man). I was born in 26 Aug 1999 and you may see my baby face at here( in Chinese). I have a little sister named, and actually I have a […]

The Premier’s Promise

“I, together with Liu Qi (Beijing party chief), promise that Beijing will stay as clean as now after the Olympics, and Beijing will be clean forever.”(Chinese: 我和刘淇书记立个保证,奥运会后,北京还要保持这么干净,北京要永远干净。) Premier Wen Jiabao said on 4 August. I don’t know why Xinhua neglected the last sentence of the promise in its English report. I hope this sentence will […]