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{ Monthly Archives } February 2009

Positive Analysis to the Illegal Works in China

My Paper:Positive Analysis to the ‘Illegal Works’ under China’s Copyright Law: With Comments to the WTO DS362 and Suggestions to the Legal Reform Abstract: Abstract: This article reviews the copyright dilemma of illegal works in the context of Chinese copyright system. Under the current law, not merely the works with illegal content, but also the […]

The Translation Mist of Chinese Legislation: Too much to be done before value-relevant quarreling

Let’s see the three versions of English translation to Article 4(1) of Chinese Copyright Law: Its Chinese orginal wording: 依法禁止出版、传播的作品,不受本法保护。 T1. In official database of the China National People’s Congress, this sentence is translated as: Works the publication and dissemination of which are prohibited by law shall not be protected by this Law. T2. In […]

Telecommunication and Communication Signal in Canadian Copyright Act

Telecommunication and Communication Signal in Canadian Copyright Act Easy124, a reader of this blog, sent me some provisions in Canadian Copyright Act, and asked me some questions on the performer’s rights in that law. Actually I am not among professionals specially in Canadian law. Last time I read the Canadian Copyright Act was two months […]