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{ Monthly Archives } March 2009

Triple Fixation – from Ideas to Tangible Mediums

In the context of digital copyright law: Works (literature, music, painting) are fixed expression of ideas; Intangible mediums (digital files) are fixation of works with certain digital format in specific sequence; Tangible mediums (CD, hard disk, flash storage) are fixation of intangible mediums. This three “fixation” are fundamentally distinct from each other. In my view, […]

They Just had not Noticed the Censorship

Rebecca Mackinnor brought an interesting talk at the Berkman Center on China’s Internet culture. See the video here, and see the notes by Ethan Zuckerman here, and notes by David Weinberger here. In her presentation, Rebecca figures out the Back-Dorm Boys (后舍男孩), Premier Wen Jiabao’s 2-plus hour net chatting, rivercrab(河蟹), “alpaca sheep(草泥马)”, blocked blogs and […]


Good news! XIE Lin, a PhD Candidate joined blawgdog as a co-writer. Please read her recent paper: Presentation in International conference: DIME – Creative Industries Observatory (CIO) – Birkbeck SOLUTIONS TO P2P COPYRIGHT CRISIS XIE Lin Dowload Full-text at Here (PDF). Abstract: Recently, most countries face the problem of revising copyright law because of the […]