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Donnie, Hao Dong (PhD Cand., JSD, LLM, LLB) is a fellow at Berkman Center. His research interests cover copyright reform, law and social development in digital age, and rule of law in China. He defended his Master’s dissertation on Internet Governance in 2003, then he joined Faculty of Law at Yunnan University located in his hometown Kunming. As a “Western Light” Domestic Visiting Scholar sponsored by Chinese Academy of Science, he visited China University of Political Science and Law (CUPL) in 2004, and co-led a pioneer course of Cyber Law for LLM students. Also at CUPL, he completed his first doctorate study on the Public Domain in the Context of Chinese Copyright Law.

Donnie’s publications, short essays and nags can be accessed at BLawgDog, a personal website just celebrated her 10th birthday:

He is a bad player of GO (Weichi).

Video: Tim Wu talks the end of the Free Internet

Columbia law professor Tim Wu warns of the end of the free internet in his book The Master Switch. Watch Videos at Here

Do Not Dial 110 – or You will be Fined 500

[Translation] Notice As a respond to the spirit of “Welcome Asian Games, Build Homonization”, according to the admininstration & Service center of Rental Estate at Da Shi Street, all the non-permanent residencts living in the Da Shi Street should refrain from dialing “110” [Chinese 911 number]. Who dial once will be fined RMB500 [USD$75], twice […]

The Jailbreaking Exemption and Apple Peel 520

As it has been known by all creatures on earth (maybe except lawyers), the U.S. Library of Congress issued a statement on Monday that legalized “jailbreaking” wireless telephone handsets. It is no doubt a good news for jailbreakers, the unauthorized App developers, as well as iPhone buyers. Now you can strut up to the black […]

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Google’s License renewed, and ISP Liability Released

The game of “Spoting the Difference” starts again! Google’s ICP license renewed. See the captured today’s web page below (left), and compare it with the page in last week (right). on 9 July 2010: on 4 July 2010: Exactly as what I predicted few days ago, Google is trying to make […]

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Statutory Damages Flexible: Tenenbaum Case Updated

Represented by Professor Charles Nesson, Joel Tenenbaum pulled one back in his P2P downloading case, in which he was sentenced $675,000 dollars statutory damages to the copyright owners. I was sitting in the hearing when Professor Nesson presented his move of either placing a new trial or granting a remittitur. Briefly, Charlie’s argument is: 675,000 […]

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Choice of Forum in the Possible GoogleCN Dispute

As I have discussed in a previous entry, if Google’s ICP license is conditioned to provide filtered web search results, Google may not provide search engine service via anymore. may become a hub of Google’s services designed specifically for China’s market. Until today, the renewal of the ICP license for is still […]